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  Power in numbers.
  The Old West End is one of the largest collections of historic homes in America. Our residents know their neighbors and most importantly... we look out for each other. Let's protect these wonderful homes and this great community together.

Old West End Security is a non-profit group dedicated to deterring crime by contracting private security officers to make regular rounds in the neighborhood. This supplemental protection is made possible through subscription fees.

Neighborhood patrols run randomly through the day and after dark. This keeps bad guys on their toes as the patrol may show up at any time. This improved patrol service provides more neighborhood coverage and better emergency response access for our subscribers.

There is power in numbers. Every new subscriber increases patrol hours and neighborhood safety.

Invest in your neighborhood by joining Old West End Security; as a home owner, renter, or business owner.


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For your convenience, we offer payment plans quarterly, six-month, and yearly. Download this subscription form and return to us.

Questions? Email us or speak with the Resident Manager, Rebecca Boone, by calling (419) 902-0982.

In any emergency, please dial 911 first!

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