TPD Alert

Supporters and neighbors, please read this alert from TPD!

There have been four robberies since 6/03/17. Suspects are advertising property for sale on Facebook. Offenses are being committed by groups of two to three black males with handguns. This is not in the historic district, but on the outskirts of the OWE. Please share.

Old West End Security Supporter Drive

Greetings, Neighbors! Thanks to a generous grant through the Old West End Association’s Neighborhood Beautification and Improvement (NB&I) program, Old West End Security is able to offer matching funds for new supporters. If you become a supporter before May 1st your membership will be matched by funds from the grant, doubling the number of patrols your membership contributes to OWE security.

Please note that the matching funds are for new supporters only--so tell a friend and a neighbor. If you’ve been waiting for the right time to support Old West End Security, this is it. Double your money, double the patrols.

Old West End Security is a supporter-based neighborhood organization focused on making our entire neighborhood become a safe and secure place to live and play.

December Report

Old West End Security Supporters,

Wanted to provide a short end-of-year update as well as wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season.  

Some exciting news, we have a new slate of officers! Beginning January 1, 2017, Ben Grazzini is the new President, Otis Grissom the VP, Joel Roberts Treasurer and Paul Valdez the new Secretary. Jemma Hostetler, Deb Kienzle and myself, Sara Haynes, will continue to be trustees on the board, and Becky Boone will continue on as our valued resident manager.

Regarding the theft by our past treasurer, Nabeel Jabarin: restitution has been made in full. As previously mentioned, Nabeel was immediately removed from the board and we filed a police report and as a result, Nabeel appeared before Judge Trimboli in Toledo Municipal Court on December 15th. Nabeel Jabarin pled no contest to a 1st Degree Misdemeanor Attempt to Commit an Offense. The board is satisfied with the results. 
In the new year we are planning on conducting neighborhood block events to hear from our neighbors and concerns about security as well as recruit new members and continue to strengthen our numbers and increase patrols. 

Have a safe and merry holidays. Hope to see everyone at the Super Bowl Party at The Attic on February 5, 2017.

Sara Haynes,
OWE Security President, 2016

Monthly Report
Note: incidents occurred during November.

  • Nov 8, 7 PM,  2200 Parkwood: young male ~12-15 years old was hiding between two cars, he put a gun (possibly fake) to a neighbor’s head and demanded her purse. She refused and he fled via a bicycle and rode north toward Virginia.  

  • Nov 9, early morning; 2400 Robinwood: car was broken into during the early morning hours, nothing stolen, no damage. Car was parked behind the home.

  • Nov 26, 2 PM; 2200 Glenwood: friends car was broken into the night before. Reporter not sure if the car was unlocked and gone through or if the person used a tool to gain entry. No windows broken.

November Report

A reminder to our neighbors: Historically, November is one of the two highest crime months of the year (the other is May). Please take reasonable precautions as the days grow shorter and holiday plans approach: test your home security systems; check outdoor lights to make sure they are working properly; keep driveways and sidewalks clear of leaves and snow to send a signal that you are home and caring for your property.

If you are interested in getting more involved with Old West End Security by possibly joining the board, please reach out to us. Supporters are always welcome at our monthly meetings.

We appreciate your continued support,
The Old West End Security Board

Monthly Report
Note: incidents occurred during October.

  • 10/90-10/10; overnight; 2100 Parkwood: report (via Facebook) of items having been moved around in resident’s backyard; nothing stolen from that address, but some items not belonging to the resident were left there.
  • 10/16; afternoon; 600 Virginia: report of 5 boys climbing in and out of a window of a house on Virginia; no further information reported (e.g., time; specific location, contact details), so no way to follow up.
  • 10/15-10/17; no time given; Tennyson: report of three homes broken into and stripped of copper pipe. Notified Signal 88.
  • 10/26, late morning; Maplewood: Report of Signal 88 vehicle involved in high-speed chase. Followed up with Signal 88; there was a white truck speeding through the neighborhood, but the S88 vehicle was not involved in a high-speed chase.

Important Communication - Update

In an effort to keep you informed on the subject of embezzlement from our organization, we would like to give you an update. As mentioned in our previous communication regarding this incident, we discovered irregularities regarding our account and have taken swift and appropriate action.

— On Wednesday, August 24th, we found evidence that there had been a misappropriation/theft of funds by the past Treasurer, Nabeel Jabarin. He admitted the theft when confronted and he was promptly removed from any accounts associated with the organization.

— The Old West End Security board held an emergency meeting on Friday, August 26th. Nabeel Jabarin was removed from the board.

— Board members met with an attorney on Sunday, August 28th to discuss fiduciary duties and best steps moving forward.

— A police report was filed against Nabeel Jabarin, in person, with Toledo Police Department on the morning of Monday, August 29th.

Restitution is been being made regularly and as of today, October 17th, we are almost paid back in full. 

We are currently waiting to hear back from the Prosecutor's office on what next steps, if any, will be taken. It is possible they will decline to pursue prosecution. Fortunately, the amount in question was relatively small so it did not affect our viability, nor did it affect our scheduling of the patrols. The Board has implemented new checks and balances to ensure this does not happen again.

We prefer to remain as transparent as possible with our supporters, and feel honesty and openness outweighs the risk of negative press and gossip. We will continue to keep you informed and up-to-date on information concerning this matter.

We appreciate your continued support,
The Old West End Security Board

Crime Trends

A note to our neighbors: November (going into December) is historically the time with the most incidents of theft—not just in the OWE, but nationwide. We have been lucky to have very few incidents of break-ins in several years, but I wouldn't call it "luck".

Please make sure your home is secure, exterior lights are on at night, and watch over your neighbors' houses. Do not leave anything in your cars, especially if you park on the street. Consider motion-detector lighting outdoors.

Another way to ensure we have extra eyes on our homes is to support Old West End Security. Every new supporter adds patrols.

October Report

Thanks to all who attended the Community Meeting on September 13th with TPD and the police department’s Gang Task Force. We thought it was a productive conversation, and a valuable source of information for the neighborhood as we work together to make the Old West End a safer neighborhood for all residents.

If you are interested in getting more involved with Old West End Security by possibly joining the board, please reach out to us. Supporters are always welcome at our monthly meetings.

We appreciate your continued support,
The Old West End Security Board

Monthly Report
Note: incidents occurred during September.

  • 09/09, overnight, 600 Virginia: report of car broken into. Car was locked; no broken windows; appeared to be professional-type tools used. S88 notified.
  • 09/09, late afternoon, 2200 Parkwood: woman assaulted by a man (known to her) trying to grab her phone. Passerby helped chase away suspect. S88 and TPD responded to scene.
  • 09/28, late evening; Glenwood and Delaware: memorial gathering, appeared to be connected to past gang violence; S88 and TPD notified.

Keep an eye out...

At the community meeting a couple weeks ago, we asked Deputy Chief O'Bryant and the gang task force officers what we could do, as neighbors and Old West End Security, to help TPD keep the OWE safe. They requested we let them know of any memorials and/or gatherings. There was a report of a memorial with a gathering of people near Detroit and Delaware tonight (9/28).

If you see anything, please let TPD know. The Toledo Police Department non-emergency line is: (419) 245-3340.

Important Communication 9/15


The purpose of this email is to make you aware of some recent unfortunate events related to Old West End Security.

Late last month, we discovered some irregularities regarding our account statements. We began an immediate investigation and determined that a board member, Nabeel Jabarin, had been misappropriating funds. We confronted the Nabeel Jabarin, who acknowledged the theft, and removed the him from the organization. The board filed a police report and has arranged for restitution. We have also implemented new checks and balances to ensure that the situation will not reoccur. 
Fortunately, the amount in question was relatively small so it will not affect our viability and we will obtain full restitution. Nonetheless, it happened, and the board firmly believes our members have a right to know. We take very seriously our fiduciary obligations to our members. We will use this experience as an important reminder of the need for strong internal controls and will continue to strengthen and protect our organization. 

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. 

The Old West End Security Board

Save the Date - Community Meeting

Tuesday, September 13 at 6 PM - 8 PM
Collingwood Presbyterian Church

How can Old West End Security and neighbors help the police with the crime hotspots today and in the future? We want to work together to solve recent neighborhood issues, with a focus on the current gang-related shootings that have taken place at the corner of Nesslewood and Scottwood.

...with Old West End Security, Chief George Kral, and TPD Gang Task Force.

Regarding Vehicle Break-ins

The board members of Old West End Security want to offer our support and assistance in a few ways: 

1) Be smart. Here are links to tip sheets covering some basic ways to protect your car and your home.  

2) Tell someone. If you see suspicious activity or crime in action, PLEASE call 911 and then advise Old West End Security of the issue. The more OWES and the Toledo Police know, the better we are able to schedule patrols for the areas at greatest risk. 

3) More eyes on the streets. The more Old West End Security supporters and subscribers we have, the more frequently we can patrol your street. Please support our efforts, today. 

4) Light the Night. Make sure your home, garage and street are well lit. If your city street lights are out, please contact Toledo Edison/First Energy to have them fixed:

5) The Squeaky Wheel. WRITE, CALL, EMAIL or schedule time to see our elected officials. We must demand more frequent police patrols of the Old West End neighborhood. 

Best regards from your neighbors, 
The Old West End Security Board

Sara Haynes
Benjamin Grazzini
Otis Grissom
Jemma Hostetler
Deb Kienzle
Paul A Valdez

September Report

Margarita Cruise
Thanks to all who attended our Margarita “Float” and supported Old West End Security. The fundraiser was a success despite the rain! We would especially like to thank Signal 88, Toledo Spirits Company, and Black Kite Coffee and Pies for their donations.

Community Meeting
OWE Security is hosting a meeting with TPD and the gang task force on Tuesday, September 13th, 6 PM, at Collingwood Presbyterian Church. The meeting is for anyone in OWE or the surrounding areas. We particularly want to discuss the latest gang-related activity that has been taking place at the corner of Nesslewood and Scottwood. Please plan on attending. 

September 2016 Report
Note: incidents occurred during August.

  • 8/23, midnight, 2800 Scottwood: bicycle stolen from front of residence; bike was locked
  • 8/29, afternoon, Collingwood and Bancroft: report of suspicious vehicle at empty church; advised caller to notify TPD; S88 notified
  • 8/29, late evening, 2100 Collingwood: alarm at church; no open doors; woman seen running away from building. S88 passed information to TPD.

The Email Newsletter

We are offering a monthly email report to all regular supporters/subscribers. This includes incidents the patrols have encountered, anything reported to us, along with general news and updates. Supporters, please let us know your preferred email address if you would like to receive this in your inbox by emailing us:

If you are a regular supporter and you did not receive last month's email report, let us know as well! Don't forget to check your spam folder.

Special Open Meeting

All OWE Security board meetings are open to the public, but we want to extend an extra-special invitation to neighbors to attend the May 3rd meeting. The meeting starts at 7 PM and will be held at 2528 Glenwood. Come see what we do, share your thoughts on how we can improve OWE Security, reach new supporters, or get involved on our board! Hope to see everyone then.

May 3rd at 7 PM

2528 Glenwood Avenue

Join us!

February Report

Heartfelt thanks to The Attic on Adams for hosting our annual Super Bowl Party fundraiser, and to all who came out to support Old West End Security. The fundraiser was a success, and we enjoyed and appreciated the opportunity to talk with our neighbors and learn more about their experiences in the neighborhood and with Old West End Security.

February was a relatively quiet month. There was one particularly disturbing event on February 22 (late evening, on Winthrop), which involved someone impersonating a Signal 88 officer and approaching a resident who was in her car and asking her questions. There was no further interaction with the person in question. The resident reported the incident on the OWE Facebook page and to OWES. OWES followed up immediately with the resident and Signal 88 and confirmed some important details:

● The person in question was not affiliated with either Signal 88 or OWES.
● OWES patrol officers will always be in uniform, will identify themselves as a Signal 88 officer, and a Signal 88 patrol vehicle will always be in the vicinity.
● We don’t know anything else at this point about who the person is, or why they were impersonating a Signal 88 employee. This is a new occurrence, and as far as we know has not happened again. Nevertheless, it is something we are taking very seriously.

02/25, late afternoon, at Delaware and Robinwood: S88 patrol reported emergency vehicles at the Arboretum responding to a man passed out in the Arboretum; most likely under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol; the man was transported to a hospital.

2016 Super Bowl Fundraiser

Sunday, February 7th
Party starts at 6:00 PM
Kickoff at 6:20 PM

The Attic on Adams
1701 Adams Street

Above Manos

$20 per person (tickets at door), includes non-stop food and fun drink specials. Point Box Money Game & 50/50 Raffle!

All proceeds benefit Old West End Security. More support equals more patrols. More patrols equal more eyes on our streets and homes. It’s that simple.

This fundraiser is made possible by the generous support of Signal 88 Security and The Attic on Adams

RSVP on Facebook

Security Soundings 1/16

In searching the internet for a topic to share with the neighborhood, I came across “17 Simple Tips for Better Neighborhood Security.   Not surprising, at the top of the list was Join or Organize a Neighborhood Security Group.   Thanks to a group of feisty neighbors, Old West End Security (OWES) was formed over 30 years ago.  Our board and supporters are continuing to uphold their mission of deterring crime through communication, education and contracting private security officers to patrol the neighborhood.  

My interest was piqued…I continued reading.  Tip #2 Use social media to communicate with neighbors.  OWES is 2 for 2!   OWE Security uses Facebook to educate and share information with neighbors.  We also have a new and snazzy website (you are here!), where you can join, donate or renew online!    

Some of the other 17 helpful tips included:  Encourage neighbors to Install (and use) Home Security Systems (OWES isn’t a personal alarm), Report Suspicious Activity (you can do this on the OWES website or call our resident manager), Eliminate Hiding Spaces around your dwelling (cut down bushes and trees near windows and doors), Encourage outside lighting (duh), Report broken street lights (there is a link on our website to do just that) and one of the best tips I read was ATTEND LOCAL NEIGHBORHOOD MEETINGS!  (OWEA, OWES and/or WOWE). 

A final OWE 18th tip:  Make it your New Year Resolution to support OWE Security in 2016!

Security Soundings 12/15

Historically, home breakins increase during the winter. Signs of a vacant home are much more defined during this time of year... unlit homes when the nights are longer, undisturbed snow on the ground, etc. Use these tips to help keep your home safe:

If you’re not home, or out for the night, use timers for your interior lights. Burglars want an easy target. Don’t let your house look unoccupied.

Make sure your exterior lights are on as well! Motion detectors and lights in your driveway and near points of entry, around shrubbery or dark areas of your yard will deter thieves.

An un-shoveled sidewalk or driveway is a sign that nobody is home. Hire someone to shovel your property when you are away, or trade shoveling duties with a neighbor.

An effective way to keep your home safe is by investing in a quality security system. Make sure it is connected and set up to alert TPD in case of a tripped alarm.

And, join your neighbors in supporting Old West End Security. More patrols = more eyes on our homes, day and night.