Historically, home breakins increase during the winter. Signs of a vacant home are much more defined during this time of year... unlit homes when the nights are longer, undisturbed snow on the ground, etc. Use these tips to help keep your home safe:

If you’re not home, or out for the night, use timers for your interior lights. Burglars want an easy target. Don’t let your house look unoccupied.

Make sure your exterior lights are on as well! Motion detectors and lights in your driveway and near points of entry, around shrubbery or dark areas of your yard will deter thieves.

An un-shoveled sidewalk or driveway is a sign that nobody is home. Hire someone to shovel your property when you are away, or trade shoveling duties with a neighbor.

An effective way to keep your home safe is by investing in a quality security system. Make sure it is connected and set up to alert TPD in case of a tripped alarm.

And, join your neighbors in supporting Old West End Security. More patrols = more eyes on our homes, day and night.