In searching the internet for a topic to share with the neighborhood, I came across “17 Simple Tips for Better Neighborhood Security.   Not surprising, at the top of the list was Join or Organize a Neighborhood Security Group.   Thanks to a group of feisty neighbors, Old West End Security (OWES) was formed over 30 years ago.  Our board and supporters are continuing to uphold their mission of deterring crime through communication, education and contracting private security officers to patrol the neighborhood.  

My interest was piqued…I continued reading.  Tip #2 Use social media to communicate with neighbors.  OWES is 2 for 2!   OWE Security uses Facebook to educate and share information with neighbors.  We also have a new and snazzy website (you are here!), where you can join, donate or renew online!    

Some of the other 17 helpful tips included:  Encourage neighbors to Install (and use) Home Security Systems (OWES isn’t a personal alarm), Report Suspicious Activity (you can do this on the OWES website or call our resident manager), Eliminate Hiding Spaces around your dwelling (cut down bushes and trees near windows and doors), Encourage outside lighting (duh), Report broken street lights (there is a link on our website to do just that) and one of the best tips I read was ATTEND LOCAL NEIGHBORHOOD MEETINGS!  (OWEA, OWES and/or WOWE). 

A final OWE 18th tip:  Make it your New Year Resolution to support OWE Security in 2016!