In an effort to keep you informed on the subject of embezzlement from our organization, we would like to give you an update. As mentioned in our previous communication regarding this incident, we discovered irregularities regarding our account and have taken swift and appropriate action.

— On Wednesday, August 24th, we found evidence that there had been a misappropriation/theft of funds by the past Treasurer, Nabeel Jabarin. He admitted the theft when confronted and he was promptly removed from any accounts associated with the organization.

— The Old West End Security board held an emergency meeting on Friday, August 26th. Nabeel Jabarin was removed from the board.

— Board members met with an attorney on Sunday, August 28th to discuss fiduciary duties and best steps moving forward.

— A police report was filed against Nabeel Jabarin, in person, with Toledo Police Department on the morning of Monday, August 29th.

Restitution is been being made regularly and as of today, October 17th, we are almost paid back in full. 

We are currently waiting to hear back from the Prosecutor's office on what next steps, if any, will be taken. It is possible they will decline to pursue prosecution. Fortunately, the amount in question was relatively small so it did not affect our viability, nor did it affect our scheduling of the patrols. The Board has implemented new checks and balances to ensure this does not happen again.

We prefer to remain as transparent as possible with our supporters, and feel honesty and openness outweighs the risk of negative press and gossip. We will continue to keep you informed and up-to-date on information concerning this matter.

We appreciate your continued support,
The Old West End Security Board