A reminder to our neighbors: Historically, November is one of the two highest crime months of the year (the other is May). Please take reasonable precautions as the days grow shorter and holiday plans approach: test your home security systems; check outdoor lights to make sure they are working properly; keep driveways and sidewalks clear of leaves and snow to send a signal that you are home and caring for your property.

If you are interested in getting more involved with Old West End Security by possibly joining the board, please reach out to us. Supporters are always welcome at our monthly meetings.

We appreciate your continued support,
The Old West End Security Board

Monthly Report
Note: incidents occurred during October.

  • 10/90-10/10; overnight; 2100 Parkwood: report (via Facebook) of items having been moved around in resident’s backyard; nothing stolen from that address, but some items not belonging to the resident were left there.
  • 10/16; afternoon; 600 Virginia: report of 5 boys climbing in and out of a window of a house on Virginia; no further information reported (e.g., time; specific location, contact details), so no way to follow up.
  • 10/15-10/17; no time given; Tennyson: report of three homes broken into and stripped of copper pipe. Notified Signal 88.
  • 10/26, late morning; Maplewood: Report of Signal 88 vehicle involved in high-speed chase. Followed up with Signal 88; there was a white truck speeding through the neighborhood, but the S88 vehicle was not involved in a high-speed chase.