Heartfelt thanks to The Attic on Adams for hosting our annual Super Bowl Party fundraiser, and to all who came out to support Old West End Security. The fundraiser was a success, and we enjoyed and appreciated the opportunity to talk with our neighbors and learn more about their experiences in the neighborhood and with Old West End Security.

February was a relatively quiet month. There was one particularly disturbing event on February 22 (late evening, on Winthrop), which involved someone impersonating a Signal 88 officer and approaching a resident who was in her car and asking her questions. There was no further interaction with the person in question. The resident reported the incident on the OWE Facebook page and to OWES. OWES followed up immediately with the resident and Signal 88 and confirmed some important details:

● The person in question was not affiliated with either Signal 88 or OWES.
● OWES patrol officers will always be in uniform, will identify themselves as a Signal 88 officer, and a Signal 88 patrol vehicle will always be in the vicinity.
● We don’t know anything else at this point about who the person is, or why they were impersonating a Signal 88 employee. This is a new occurrence, and as far as we know has not happened again. Nevertheless, it is something we are taking very seriously.

02/25, late afternoon, at Delaware and Robinwood: S88 patrol reported emergency vehicles at the Arboretum responding to a man passed out in the Arboretum; most likely under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol; the man was transported to a hospital.