Renters:  $15/month
In these amounts:
$45 / Quarterly
$90 / 6 Months
$165 / Pay a full year in advance and receive a one-month discount. 

Homeowners: $25/month
In these amounts:
$75 / Quarterly
$150 / 6 Months
$275 / Pay a full year in advance and receive a one-month discount.

Driveway Checks: Optional service for residential subscribers – duty officer inspects the perimeter of building on every scheduled patrol day for an additional $15 per month.


We've made it easy.

Online: You can sign up as a new supporter, pay dues as a current supporter, or simply make a one-time donation. Click below and you're on your way!

Become a Supporter & Continue Your Support

By Phone: Call our Resident Manager, Rebecca Boone, and she will set you up over the phone: (419) 902-0982.

By Mail: Download this form (PDF), print it out, and return with your check to the PO Box on the form.


We need more patrols. It's just that simple. Every new subscriber increases the patrol hours we are able to schedule. Every extra set of eyes on our homes and streets makes the OWE as unfriendly to crime as possible. 


  • Knowing you have directly contributed to greater neighborhood safety.
  • Priority access to our Resident Manager, who is in contact with our patrols.
  • Monthly email newsletter/report from us. If you are a regular supporter/subscriber and are not receiving this newsletter, let us know!
  • 7 FREE days of vacation checks a year. A vacation check entails the patrols to get out of the vehicle and walk the perimeter of your home checking to make sure it is secure and safe.
  • An invitation to join us for the annual supporter-appreciation meeting where we share information on crime trends and solutions.

Home-owners, renters, and neighborhood businesses are already investing in our neighborhood's safety. Please join us. There is power in numbers.